Here are a few of the most
common conditions we care for.

At every Retina Care clinic, Dr. Peter Karth uses the most advanced and modern retinal medications available and approved by the FDA to treat a wide range of retinal issues, including Macular Degeneration and Diabetic eye disease. Here is a list:

  • Syfovre (Dry AMD)
  • Izuevey (Dry AMD)
  • Vabysmo
  • Eylea HD
  • Eylea
  • Lucentis
  • Cimerli
  • Avastin
  • Ozurdex
  • Yutiq
  • Illuvian

At every Retina Care clinic, Dr. Peter Karth is able to offer all current types of retinal lasers locally, without the long drive to Eugene, including:

  • Focal laser
  • Micropulse laser
  • Pan retinal laser (PRP)
  • Focal retinopexy laser

At Retina Care, Dr. Peter Karth believes that each patient should have local access to all important forms of advanced retinal diagnostics, including:

  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Image linking/sharing at all locations
  • Electroretinagram
  • Fluorescein Angiography
  • Fundus photos
  • Fundus autofluorescence

At Retina Care, Dr. Peter Karth will perform all surgeries locally.

No long drives or overnight stays.

Dr. Peter Karth performs all types of retina surgeries, including:

-Symptomatic Vitreous Opacities/Floaters

-Epiretinal membrane and macular pucker

-Macular hole

-Retinal detachment

-Vitreous hemorrhage

At Retina Care, Dr. Peter Karth gives local access to the most advanced laser for symptomatic vitreous opacity removal (YAG vitreolysis).

You don’t have to live with your floaters any more!

(coming soon to Coos County and Salem)

At Retina Care, Dr. Peter Karth performs the most advanced and minimally invasive surgeries to remove symptomatic vitreous opacities and haze.

All surgeries and follow up are performed locally.


We offer a complete range
of retinal treatments…
locally, at every location.