Retina Care is the name of Dr. Peter Karth’s new retina practice. 

Its a full service retina practice with the most modern and newest equipment and treatments, including all eye medications and all other treatments.

It’s our goal to provide unparalleled service and premium care for patients in Oregon. We offer world class care, delivered locally in Oregon.

Dr. Peter Karth is caring for patients at his practice, Retina Care, and gives complete retinal care for all retinal conditions, in a patient-centered, friendly, and professional manner.

Retina Care has several locations in Coastal and Western Oregon


South Salem

North Bend, Coos Bay, Bandon, Coquille

Among other reasons, Dr. Karth felt that in order to provide the patient experience he was committed to providing to his patients, the ideal setting would be for him to start a physician-lead patient-centered clinic: Retina Care. 

Dr. Karth chose to leave Oregon Eye Consultants at the end of September, 2023.

You can pay at our online payment page.

Or you can call us at (541)-8-RETINA which is 873-8462 to make a payment by phone.

Or you can mail a check to: PO Box 5276, Eugene, OR, 97405

Or we are happy to take your payment in cash, check, or card at your next appointment with us!

Remember, we offer payment plans, if needed.   


Just about all of them.

We happily accept OHP and Medicare and the VA, and nearly all other plans.  

At this point, we can’t think of any plans we don’t accept!

And its OK if you don’t have medical insurance, as well. We will help you navigate this issue. We offer a wide range of assistance, including subsidized care, charity care, and low cost payment plans. Don’t worry about the financial aspects of care. We have you covered.

When you make an appointment with Dr. Peter Karth at Retina Care, we will work with you to obtain your records from other providers. Don’t worry, we will make it easy for you!

Dr. Peter Karth will be employing all the cutting edge and gold standard treatments for retinal conditions, including eye injections, retina lasers, vitreous lasers, retina surgery, and vitreous surgery.

Dr. Peter Karth will use all the latest medications and equipment, including: Syfovre, Vabysmo, EyleaHD, Eylea, Lucentis, Ozuredex, Syfovre, Izervey, and more.